RMC’s 7s26-0020


Started with the ubiquitous SKX-009, which is a great piece in it’s own right.




Polished chapter ring installed.


Seiko 5 Sports bezel insert swapped in, bezel re-installed.


Dial, hands installed, movement back in the watch.  I was a bit preoccupied at this point to get any progress pictures.


Delivered to the birthday girl.


Looks like she’ll keep it.

Parting shot-




Assuming I can pump out a bunch of unrelated work, I’ll be able to tackle a few watch projects next week.  RC’s strap, chapter ring, bezel insert and handset came in today from Dagaz.  Still waiting on the new SKX-009 that will be housing it all.  I’ll be printer that dial, as well as CD’s chronograph dial.  CD’s will be something pretty unique, I am hopeful it will work as well in practice as it does in my mind.  The “Runway HiVis” mod is back… again… for a couple dial indices that have come loose.  Not sure if it is due to the dial or the user.  On the personal side, the quartz 6309-7040 will be getting a new bezel & insert, and I hope to swap the working 6139 movement into the 6002 case, but that is the very last thing on the list.

Welcome to my new horological hangout

From now on, this will be where I detail my various watch working endeavors, post interesting links, products, etc.   I don’t usually get too in depth with what I’m working on, but that will change, and perhaps there is enough going on to keep a couple people interested.

Stand by for my upcoming projects:  I will be building a custom Seiko diver with all new parts for RMC, repairing the Runway HiVis watch that my mother has managed to mangle (again), putting a custom dial into a Seiko Chronograph for CD (first chrono for me), and if I’m lucky, putting my vintage Seiko 6139 chrono together.

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