Quick Post- August 03, 2017 at 12:22AM

The OG #SKX011 in its current form, with Zero DD #sapphire, AHW bolt crown prototype, rose gold #Stargate hands, 12hr ceramic bezel insert courtesy of @dlw.watches and an AHW layout. Damien – Would be cool to get some 12hr Batman inserts, minus the pip, like the latest ones.
I’ll try and go through my messages and email tomorrow. Just getting out from under a very… unpleasant… week and a half of dealing with the fallout of a 16hr reorganize the workspaces day, which still needs to be finished, but since I’m able now, it’s time to push what I can aside, and finish a few things.
Laser engraver is working on workholding solutions for parts. I forget about things like that when I’m trying to come up with realistic timelines on all the engraved parts. Should know more on that in a few days. Yes, I realize this is many months beyond what I had envisioned & stated, and yes, I realize it’s not a satisfactory situation. Maybe there’s a reason these services aren’t commonly offered. Once first run is out of the way, it will be much easier to judge these projects realistically.
Still need to stop by a new prospective printer for PF, Pete, Josh, and Andrew’s dial projects. – – from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2umzUul
August 3, 2017

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