Quick Post- March 21, 2020 at 02:44PM

FYI- All watch shipments will now have to be signature required. I have tried to avoid the hassle for clients in having to try to get to the post office before they close with the missed shipment tag, but someone has apparently taken advantage of that and claimed to their bank they know nothing about the “fraudulent” charge for the watch that was delivered to their workplace. Despite the email to me asking to ship to their workplace, and tracking showing it was delivered, I assume the funds that were pulled from my account will not be returned. I love giving people watches, however I prefer to do it voluntarily. The really obnoxious thing? I had saved that SBDX017 dial and hand set for YEARS. I have half a mind to stake out the recipient and obtain photographic proof of said watch they don’t know anything about. Anyway. Perhaps they needed the money for TP.
The “shelter in place” thing hasn’t really changed much for me in terms of work. Today I’m painting Josh’s & Matt’s dials… again… finishing up a small batch of #cerakote with a missing hour marker (can you spot the one that doesn’t match above), some hands, and a few bezels and crowns.
In terms of surviving the current situation, kids are home, and I do grab some spare home supplies just in case when they are available. It is really hurting shipping times and availability for parts and supplies, but there isn’t really anything anyone can do about that.

Realized I haven’t posted in-the-works pictures for a while. Matt’s #SKX013 in Stage 4 #mediablast with cerakoted, hand lumed indices, Chad’s Stage 4 #SKX007 with custom laser cut chapter ring, Ranjit’s Mk-V diver awaiting hands, a black and blasted (3S) Samurai that has yet to be configured, but will be available at some point, and some #quartz conversion movement spacers.
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March 21, 2020

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You should definitely Pursue finding him and sue to claim theft and get reimbursed for the loss. Triple the $$$ claim and by doing this and people find this out ( assuming you win ) they won’t mess with you!
I realize this might take some time but the reward will be the fact you didn’t let him get away!

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