Quick Post- March 27, 2020

I suppose it’s as good a time as we’re likely to get to have the planned Spring Break sale, but due to the world-wide medical crisis, we’ll name it accordingly, since most people are staying home. There are complete, ready to ship watches on hand, all are tested and ready to go, in various styles, at ahw24.com/ready (redirects to full domain). No issues with shipping or other delays as of yet in my corner of Southern California, and I’ll sanitize the watches and boxes before shipping. Coupon will be valid until sometime in April for any watch in the “Ready To Ship” category, but once they are gone, I won’t likely configure another in the same way any time soon. If you try to add a watch to your cart and are unable, chances are someone snatched it already, and I haven’t had a chance to remove it from the “Ready” category. ⁠ ⁠

As for the situation here- the main issue is people are mindlessly hoarding. We haven’t needed for anything important, and had decent stores before the panic set it, but it is surprising that things like ice cream are being wiped out. Water… as if the water will be shut off due to illness? I almost caved to the instinct to grab a pack of paper towels at the store, even though we still have a full pack at home, but I didn’t, figuring someone else probably needs it more than we do. It is slightly frustrating when we are trying to do normal grocery shopping (and for a 6 person household, full of teenagers and pre-teens, things go quickly), and finding bare shelves. I do believe this is a wake-up call for many, for others, a proof of concept for their food storage and preparation strategy. I hope everyone is keeping their heads, and being considerate to their fellow people, panic and hysteria only makes difficult situations worse. ⁠

March 27, 2020

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Hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe. Can’t wait to get my project started with you!

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