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Client Information, Terms & Conditions

Payment indicates acknowledgment and agreement to the following terms and conditions:

Refunds: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please be certain about your component choices, financial situation, and ability to wait patiently prior to payment.

Payments: A shopping cart will be generated with the item(s) required for your project- or you can use this custom order form if you have recieved a quote for the project & have deduced your shipping costs (below).

Requisite watches and parts will be ordered when payment is received.

Current Payment Options: 

Credit Card with Stripe

US– $15 USPS Priority Insured (unless other arrangements are made)
International-$15 USPS First Class / $35 USPS Priority ($25 Canada) / $50 DHL (all shipping options not available to all countries)

Conventional Mods (1 or 2 processes with readily available parts): 4-6 weeks.  I am striving to get the turnaround times more manageable for 1 or 2 process projects, such as dial and hands or crystal swaps. However, the qualifier below in bold relates to all projects.

Complete Watches, other Custom work:  12 weeks minimum. Due to the varying shipping times for parts and watches coming from all over the world, and the time and care required to build and test custom watches, your order may be completed earlier, or later.  If you need it within a certain time-frame, I’ll do what I can to accommodate.  However, there are any number of problems ranging from issues with parts, natural disasters, family emergencies, etc., that could cause your project to take longer.  Please be patient as I give each project the attention it requires to fulfill potential. Due to the nature of the work, rushing invariably leads to mistakes, which are often expensive, and cause delays for yours and other projects.

100% Policy: Regardless of deadlines for trips or events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and despite incessant emails and/or other communication from client or statements about expected completion time/date, watches WILL NOT ship before I am 100% confident it is ready and will function as expected.

If your project requires specialized, one of a kind, made to order parts: assume there will be delays as the processes are developed and refined.

Project Changes: Once a project is underway, any practical changes to the project required by the client will result in a change fee of no less than $50. If different parts are requested, the client will forfeit the original parts or parts cost and will be required to pay for replacement parts. Changes will invariably delay the project.

Client Contact Policy: Clients will limit status inquiries to 1 per month for the first 2 months, 1 per 2 week period from the third month forward, if necessary.  It is not feasible to send status updates for every project, every step of the way.

Quotes valid for 30 days from submission.

Ship anything required for your project to:

Artifice HoroWorks
24930 Washington Ave.
Murrieta, CA 92562

Thank you for trusting Artifice HoroWorks with your project,

Alex Abreu