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Can I send you my watch? Can I send you my parts?

Yes, it is no problem to work on your watch or to use parts that you have sourced.  However- you are responsible for ensuring that the parts are compatible with your watch, and for the condition of the watch when it arrives to AHW.

Can we talk on the phone?

I don’t typically do phone consults.   I end up talking too much, and accomplishing little.  It is a time vampire, and though I get on well with just about everyone, I need to actually build watches now and then, rather than talking about it.

Can you sell me a dial? Crystal? Hand?

Generally speaking, I don’t sell parts.  Genuine Seiko parts are often difficult to source, and selling them for a few dollars profit outside the scope of a larger project doesn’t make sense, especially considering the time it can take to track them down.  I don’t have a special parts pipeline.  However, some common parts are available here: http://www.artificehoroworks.com/product-category/parts/

Guide for Seiko Automatic Watches & Movements

7S26 / 4R36 / NH36 / 6R15 / NE15

General Information

  • Accuracy: 20 ~ +40 seconds per day –  Artifice HoroWorks watches are regulated to between 0 – +8 seconds per day. 
  • Shock resistance Shock-absorber device for balance staff
  • Vibration frequency 6 vibrations per second (21,600 vibrations per hour)
  • Antimagnetic
  • Day & date display with quick day & date correction available
  • 7S26: 21 jewels
  • 4R / NH / 6R /NE: 24 jewels


7S / 4R / NH: More than 41 hours
6R / NE: More than 50 hours


All: Automatic winding with ball bearing mounted rotor, bidirectional winding, one way clutch.  Typically, 2-3 minutes of winding via shaking wrist back and forth with result in a near fully wound movement.*

4R / NH / 6R /NE: – Manual winding via clockwise rotation of crown, AKA “hand-winding.”  Screw down crowns (e.g. SKX, SRP777, A7, Oban divers) must be unscrewed counter-clockwise until crown clears case tube threads before winding. 48 complete rotations of the crown will result in a fully wound movement.*

*60% wound should be adequate to power a movement through most of a day, and additional movement while being worn will accumulate as well.  It is not necessary to constantly keep the movement “topped up,” however, many movements will not keep good time if they are nearly unwound.

Handling and Corrections

1) Crown at normal position

  • Clockwise : Manual winding (excluding 7S)
  • Counterclockwise: Free

2) Crown pulled out to 1st click

  • Clockwise: Quick day correction
  • Counterclockwise: Quick date correction
  • Do not set day/date between 9pm and 3am- day and date mechanism may be damaged. If you must change day/date during those hours, proceed to 2nd click and change time to 3am or later, then proceed to change day/date, finally correcting time afterward.

3) Crown pulled out to 2nd click

  • Time setting
  • Second hand stop, AKA “hacking”

Other Notes

  • Never set the time, manually hand-wind the movement, change day or date, or manipulate the crown in any way while your watch is submerged.
  • Do not handle highly magnetic objects (e.g. audio speakers) while wearing your watch.
  • Do not subject your watch to extreme vibrations or impacts if possible.  Shooting firearms is perfectly fine; wearing your watch while operating a jackhammer is not advised.


How much for a sapphire crystal for my SKX?

Flat sapphire – $55
Double dome – $65
Bubble dome – $70

*AR options include none, blue, gold, red / purple, stealth gray

Labor – $40

Pressure test, if required – $20

Return shipping varies by location.

How much is it for the hacking handwinding conversion for my SKX?

NH36 movement – $65
Crown for stem – $25
Labor – movement transfer including spacer, day, date wheels – $95

Return shipping varies by location.

Total $185 + return shipping

For the NE15:
NE15 – $165
Crown – $25
Labor (hour wheel must also be transferred for day functionality) – $105

Total $285 + return shipping

Is there a catalog or parts list I can choose from?

Unfortunately, no.  The parts that are available at any given time vary wildly. Some are never to be restocked once they are gone.  If you have browsed Yobokies Photobucket, DagazWatch.com, and are somewhat familiar with the Seiko product lineup, then you will have a decent idea of what is available.  If you hope to achieve a specific look, send me an email, and I can suggest a combination of available parts that may suit you.

Why Artifice? Is this a trick?

When I had to come up with a name for this endeavor, I was in the process of listening to Patrick Rothfuss’ incomplete trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle.  From Kingkiller Wiki:

 The most basic applications of Artificing involve applying runes to inanimate objects and materials to replicate the effects of sympathy. Plans for artifacts are called schema.  Artificing also involves precise, painstaking work with acids and caustic substances, various types of fine metalwork, and other work that seems, from descriptions, to be a sort of fusion of chemistry and metallurgy.

Seemed like an interesting, while fictional, parallel to some of the work that goes into watches.