Each project comes with its own set of challenges, but here is a general price list. Please contact me for a quote on your specific project. Most parts require the removal of others to access them, the total cost includes the labor to replace the part specified, as well as the labor to disassemble/reassemble any others along the way.

* labor ONLY unless specified
** Discounts are usually applied for multiple processes, contact me and we’ll work out the details.

Service for standard 7s26-0020 cased diver  Total
Replace Hands $35
Dial (hand replacement included) $50
Bezel Insert replacement $25
Crystal & gasket $40
Chapter Ring (including crystal) $55
Complete Mod- Install new dial, hands, chapter ring, crystal, bezel insert  $110
Media Blasting  Photos & information on Media Blasting 
Includes complete disassembly / prep / blasting / assembly
Stage 1 – bright, peened  $130
Stage 2- slightly darker, smooth  $130
Stage 3 – dark satin, smooth – customer favorite  $145
New- Stage 3S – darker, smoother satin  $145
Stage 4 – dark, flat coarse  $130
— Bracelets +$45
Application & supplies, complete disassembly / case prep (including bead blasting), 1 color $265
 Each additional color  $45
Non-destructive pressure test (99M) $20
Regulation $35

** General Custom Watch Order & Modification Information **

Payments: Requisite watches/parts will be ordered when payment is received.
1. Request link to custom order form and checkout with credit card or PayPal
2. via PayPal- either direct to (, or via this link. I would also be happy to generate an invoice. The latter 2 options do not require an account.

US– $15 USPS Priority Insured (unless other arrangements are made)
International-$15 USPS First Class / $35 USPS Priority ($25 Canada) / $45 DHL (all shipping options not available to all countries)

Turnaround: Typically, 6-10 weeks. Due to the varying shipping times for parts and watches coming from all over the world, your order may be completed earlier, or later. If there is a significant delay, you will be informed. If you need it within a certain timeframe, I’ll do what I can to accommodate. However- due to the nature of the work, rushing invariably leads to mistakes, which are often expensive, and cause delays for other projects. If your project requires specialized, one of a kind, made to order parts: assume it will require an extra 4+ weeks. At least.

Due to the current workload, it is not feasible to send status updates for every project, every step of the way; however, I try to answer emails regarding current projects within 24 hours.

Refunds: All sales for parts and watches are final.

Quotes valid for 30 days from submission.