Each project comes with its own set of challenges, but this is a general price list as of 2019/12/01. Please contact me for a quote on your specific project.

*Labor ONLY unless specified

**Return Shipping not included

Mod / Repair Service for standard 7s26-0020 case diver
Replace Hands$45
Dial (hand replacement included)$65
Bezel Insert replacement$50
Crystal & gasket$50
Chapter Ring (including crystal)$65
Complete Mod- Install new dial, hands, chapter ring, crystal, bezel/bezel insert$140
Stem fitting for crown replacement$15
Hacking/Handwinding Movement Conversion
Type A: 7S to 4R/NH36 with day/date, NH35/NE15 date only (movement not included)$120
with AHW Coin Edge or Bolt Face crown (movement not included)$155
with NH36 movement + AHW Coin Edge or Bolt Face crown$220
Type B: 7S with day/date to NH35/NE15 with day/date$150
with AHW Coin Edge or Bolt Face crown (movement not included)$185
Complete Mod + Type A Movement Conversion + AHW Crown + NH36 Movement$315
Media Blasting  Photos & information
Includes complete disassembly / prep / blasting / assembly
Stage 1 – bright, peened$150
Stage 2- slightly darker, smooth$150
Stage 3 – dark satin, smooth – customer favorite$175
Stage 3S – darker, smoother satin$175
Stage 4 – dark, flat coarse$150
— Bracelets +$75
Application & supplies, complete disassembly / case prep (including media blasting), 1 color$295
Each additional color$45
Non-destructive pressure test (99M)$30