Cerakote is a highly durable ceramic coating developed for firearms, which works very well for watches. It is available in many colors, and is a great upgrade to any watch project.
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Stealth Scallop / Baby Tuna Seiko SRP655 Mod with Ceramic Shroud
2018 Sinister SKX007 – Enhanced Hacking Handwinding
Sinister AHW007 SKX Enhanced Hacking Handwinding
Direct Action Black Seiko SKX007 – SKX Enhanced
Black Seiko SKX013 – SKX Enhanced
SKX Z06- Corvette Yellow Seiko SKX007
FDE Cerakote Mil Mod Seiko 7S26-0020 / SKX007 / SKX009
Desert Stealth Seiko SKX007 Cerakoted Watch
Stealth Seiko SKX007
SNZG13 Stealth- Large Seiko Military
Black as SinnKo Cerakoted Seiko SNZG13
Q031 Quartz SKX031 Black & Red Pilot
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