Custom Watches

Custom watches built and modified by Artifice HoroWorks
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2018 Sinister SKX007 – Enhanced Hacking Handwinding
Abyss Blue Blasted Monster
AHW007 Enhanced – Seiko SKX007 Hacking Handwinding
AHW007S- LE Sumo Dial & Hands
AHW009- Enhanced “Pepsi” Seiko SKX009 Hacking Handwinding
AHW013 – Seiko SKX013 Enhanced – Midsized Diver with Hacking Handwinding movement
AHWSG9-E – Ultimate SKX009 as seen on Average Bros youtube review
AHWSG9-E SKX009 Stargate Dial SKX Enhanced
Artifice A7 Custom Black Ace Quartz Diver
Artifice A7 Custom Black Master Diver
Artifice A7 Custom Stark Six Blue – Hacking Handwinding Diver
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