Artifice Quickstart Guide

Congratulations on your new Artifice watch!

Here are a few quick notes to get you up and running: WindingTypically, 2-3 minutes of winding via shaking wrist back and forth with result in a near fully wound movement.* Hand-winding capable movements (4R / NH / 6R / NE)48 complete rotations of the crown will result in a fully wound movement.* *60% wound should be adequate to power a movement through most of a day. Setting Time– Pull crown out to the second click (all the way out), and turn in either direction to reach desired time. Note- if you have day/date functionality, it is often easier to set them 1 day early, then move through the day/date change and to the correct time. This will ensure your watch is set for the appropriate am/pm time. Setting Date– Pull crown out to the first click- this typically requires a gently hand. If your hands are spinning, you have gone too far. Once in position, turn crown clockwise for day and counterclockwise for date correction. Do not set day/date between 9pm and 3am- day and date mechanism may be damaged. Simply adjust time out of the danger zone before manipulating date.

Other Notes

  • The day and date will start visually updating after 11pm. The date should be fully changed close to midnight, with day changing afterward, and finishing around 2am.
  • Never set the time, manually hand-wind the movement, change day or date, or manipulate the crown in any way while your watch is submerged.
  • Do not handle highly magnetic objects (e.g. audio speakers) while wearing your automatic watch.
  • Do not subject your watch to extreme vibrations or impacts if possible.  Shooting firearms is perfectly fine; wearing your watch while operating a jackhammer is not advised.
  • Feel free to shower, wash your hands, jump in a lake, go surfing, canyoneering, or go on any number of other adventures, just give your watch a rinse in fresh water once you are done.

See for a more thorough guide.